Smartly manage your logistics with YANTRAKSH

Make logistics your best competitive advantage.

Automate operations and decision making in your supply chain at every step to reduce your overall logistics costs while achieving efficiency, transparency, and consistency in service levels. We enable companies to take a quantum leap in optimizing their end to end supply chain through constant innovation and next-gen technology

One and Only Platform to Manage & Automate All Your Logistics Operations

Price volatility, information opacity, overbooking, last-minute cancellations, pressure on capacities and underutilization are all market defects that hinder the market’s efficiency and its capacity to meet demand.

Yantraksh Freight Exchange is created to overcome these challenges by combining logistics expertise and data science. Freight Exchange is the marketplace for users to make informed decisions and generate fluid exchanges. It is founded on the principles of information transparency, control and flexibility.

Yantraksh Freight exchange platform enables auto order matching between Shipper demand (the need to transport a product) and Truck supply (truck capacity) based on multiple parameters. Shipper can post their truck requirement (RFQ) to our wide network of verified supplier with a single click and get shipment quotes and bids on real time basis.

1. Automated RFQ: Fulfil your vehicle requirement with automated RFQ to your registered vendors as well as Yantraksh vendor network for unmatched pricing.

2. Order Matching: Realtime order matching with available truck supply posted by suppliers across Pan India based on various factors such as Origin, Destination, Vehicle type, time, etc.

3. Communication API: Instantaneously float RFQs to multiple vendor at one through push notifications, sms and emails.

4. Increased Transparency: End to end visibility for all your logistics operations from RFQ floating, Bid receiving, vehicle deployment to E way bill generation on single page interface

A company’s inventory is one of its most valuable assets. In retail, manufacturing, E-commerce and other inventory-intensive sectors, a company’s inputs and finished products are the core of its business, and a shortage of inventory when and where it’s needed can be extremely detrimental. At the same time, inventory can be thought of as a liability (if not in an accounting sense). A large inventory carries the risk of spoilage, theft, damage, or shifts in demand.

Yantraksh Inventory management helps you to keep track of your stocked goods, both inbound and outbound. Inventory management software with inbuilt order management system helps you to know when it’s time to replenish products, buy more or dispatch materials.

1. Real time Inventory control: Improve a tracking through automated updated stock levels whenever sales or purchases are made.

2. Operation automation system: Automate daily tasks based on multiple preset trigger and desired action, saving you time, cost and repetitive manual intervention.

3. Analytics & Reports: Analyse your inventory profile, identify slow moving and excess stock, devise inventory policies and manage inventory levels.

4. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Keep all your customer & supplier data in one place. Automatically record your customer’s order and purchase history for complete traceability